Can I opt out of Drivy’s insurance cover if my own insurance policy allows me to lend my vehicle to other drivers?

No, you must use our specific insurance policy to hire out your vehicle via the platform. It is activated automatically as soon as the driver pays on the website, and applies from the start of the first half-day of the rental until the end of the last half-day of the rental.

Although insurers may allow you to lend your vehicle to friends or family members, as far as we know, there are no insurers that cover peer-to-peer hire. Hiring is a commercial transaction that is completely different to lending. If you hired out your vehicle without going through Drivy and an accident occurred, your insurer would refuse to cover you – which could be disastrous. Your insurance premium would also go up in the event of an accident, which is not the case with Drivy’s insurance, and you would not be covered for theft by the driver, as you would have handed them the keys yourself.

Payment via the website guarantees your protection. If you bypass the website, you are taking too great a risk.

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