What are the conditions for hiring a vehicle on Drivy?

To hire a vehicle on Drivy, you must:

  • Hold a driving licence that is valid in the country where you rent, and have the original in your possession (copies or a declaration of theft or loss is not enough). If you have a foreign driving license, click for more information.

  • Meet the conditions regarding your age and the number of years you have held a licence for the category of car you are hiring (view conditions by category).

  • Have no more than 6 points on your licence (UK licence holders), no major driving convictions in the last 5 years, strictly less than 2 minor convictions and no driving bans or disqualifications. If you have any points on your licence, refer to page 18 of our Terms of Service.

  • Pay for the rental on the website using a payment method in your own name. You must then show the bank card you used to the owner at check-in. Find out more about the payment methods accepted.

Please note that you must also:

  • Remain in the permitted European countries (view country list).

  • Not use the vehicle to transport people for commercial purposes (only car-sharing, with the costs being shared, is permitted).

  • Remain the sole driver of the vehicle throughout the rental. You may not hire a vehicle for use by another person.

  • Be resident in the United Kingdom.

You must comply with these conditions to be covered by our insurance during your rental. The owner will check these points at the start of the rental, and will refuse to hire out their car to you if you do not meet these conditions.

For a Drivy Open rental, the conditions are the same, but Drivy takes responsibility for checking your licence and identity before the rental starts.

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