How much mileage is included in my rental?

Your rental price includes a minimum of 100 miles, even if you book a car for a few hours. You’ll get an additional 100 miles included for each day of your rental, up to 600 mi.

For example:

  • A 2-day rental includes 200 miles.
  • A 10-day rental includes 600 miles.

NB: 4-hour rentals also include 100 miles.

There’s no limit to how many miles you can drive during your rental, but if you exceed the included amount of mileage, you’ll be charged for the extra after your trip ends.

The price per extra mile is set by Drivy, and depends on the country in which you rent the car as well as the car category.

In the UK:

  • £0.18 per mile for category eco vehicles
  • £0.20 per mile for category comfort vehicles
  • £0.30 per mile for category premium vehicles

For example: You rent a car for one day, so you have 100 miles included, but you end up driving 130 miles. After your trip, you’ll be charged for the extra 30 miles driven, according to the price set by Drivy.

If you drive less than the included mileage, you won’t be refunded for the unused miles.

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