Can a company or non-profit rent cars on Drivy?

Yes. However, each employee who will drive a car needs to create their own Drivy account to book a car. The rental works exactly the same way as for private users.

At the moment, we’re currently unable to create shared company accounts.

If you book a Drivy Open car, you can choose to pay with a company credit card. Otherwise, you’ll need to use a personal card in your name to pay for the rental.

After every trip, you’ll be able to download a receipt for your expense reports.

NB: All rentals on Drivy are insured, but you can add our zero excess option during payment to make sure you won't incur any fees in case of an accident. Find out more about how excess reduction works here.

For more information on how your company can use Drivy for your professional trips, you can visit our Drivy for Business page.

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